Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diagnostic Essay: Let Me Heal You

If one person can help another when in need I think they should help them. Everyone is good at something but some are better at that than others. A person with a special ability, which is helpful to others, should use it for good. If I woke up tomorrow with a super power it would be the ability to heal. I would do my best to help all who needs it.

First I would heal my family and friends that needs it the most. I would contact all of my family that I knew was in need, help them then ask if they knew of anyone else in need. I would not travel to help people unless they were unable to travel. I would help close friends and friends of friends. I would try to help people in my city and closes to where I live, before I’d venture out.

In addition I’d tell people I knew to tell others, so I could help them. I’d advertise about myself in every way possible. When I heal people it would be free unless I would have to travel, I would only charge the cost of my trip. I’d be lenient with how much I charge. I wouldn’t charge poor families or people in third world countries. My only reason for charging people who be because traveling is expensive and I know I would be doing a lot of that. I also won’t be able to work; therefore this would be my only means of getting money.

Furthermore once proving my abilities and establishing a good way to advertise myself I would then try to contact research centers for HIV-Aids, all types of Cancer center, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and other largely know disease. I would try to develop a way to meet with all the people with these illnesses. I know it would be hard work and very tiring but I would push myself to help people in need. It being so many people in the world I would only help each person once and only help people who need it the most.

However I know that this would take a toll on my life. I strongly believe with great power comes great responsibility. I think me having this super power it would be my responsibility and duty to help all who I can. I wouldn’t be able to hold a job because I would be too busy traveling and helping many different people. I wouldn’t have any me time, good friendships, or a romantic relationship. It would be as if I was giving up my own life and giving it to others. I think it is always better to give then receive. Healing someone, which I probably saved their life and knowing that I saved their life, is the only gift I need.

In conclusion my super power will solely be used to benefit others. My life would be dramatically changed but I would not mind. I believe my super power would change this world and change how people think of others. I hope that the people I would help would help themselves after I heal them and stay healthy. I think their experiences would change their look on life. Making a difference in people’s life will be fulfilling to me and the persons life that the change is being made in.

Image source here: http://myreikihealinghands.com